Online Registration


  • ● For Windows Users: Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome or Firefox
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While you're filling the application form, please don't click 'Forward','Back' and 'Refresh' button in your browser's menu. Otherwise the information that you have filled in may be lost.
General Guidelines

Welcome to the Yew Wah International Education School of Tongxiang Online Application!

1. Time:
The application session will automatically expire in 120 minutes after pressing “Start”, but will only take about 15-20 minutes for you to complete. It is important that you set aside some uninterrupted time to fill out the application.
2. Submission:
After you have completed the application form, please click “submit” to proceed. If you exit the application without submitting, you will lose the information you have provided.
3. Multiple Children:
When applying for multiple children, you need to complete the online application one by one by clicking “add another child” at the end of each application.
4. Required Documents:
If any of these items are not available, you will be asked to clarify the reasons when filling in the application, and then to email the missing documents to YWIES of Tongxiang Admissions Office later on. Your application will only be considered as official once your application form, application fee, and required identification documents have been received.
  • ●  For Grade 3 applicants or above, School Reports/Records for the most recent one year (scanned originals or photocopies).
  • ●  One Passport-Style Photo for each child
  • ●  Identification Documents (scanned originals or scanned copies)
    • A. Child's Birth Certificate, Residence Card and Passport/ID
    • B. Parent's/Guardian's Residence Card or Zhejiang Residence Permit, and Passport/ID.

Should you have any questions, please contact the YWIES of Tongxiang Admissions Office directly at (86573) 8896 6605 or email

Thank you!